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The Steam Sauna Pro has a variety of features that appeal to a wide range of people. It is available in 120 or 240 volt models and can be fitted to be used with ozone therapy. Here are some of the features of this steam cabinet:

For home use, you'll have a completely self-contained unit ideal for a relaxing steam sauna at the end of a long day, and for commercial beauty salons, your investment in the Steam Sauna Pro can pay for itself in only a few weeks. This is because the costs of owning and operating a Steam Sauna Pro are very low.

The Steam Sauna Pro does not use plumbing. You simply pour three quarts of water into the steel reservoir through a steel vent under the fiberglass seat and plug it into a 110 volt outlet (240 volt models are available). The thermostat has 10 temperature settings and a 60 minute timer. It will automatically shut off when the reservoir is empty.

A 10 minute steam sauna session warms the body, increases circulation and relaxes muscles. For aromatherapy, put water-soluble essential oils in the water and the fragrance gently rises with the steam. The combination of steam saunas and fragrance can greatly increase your level of relaxation.

For Your Business: Enhance the value of your existing treatments by adding 10 minute Steam Sauna Pro treatments. If you have only five clients per day at $10 each and are open five days a week, the Steam Sauna Pro pays for itself in two months.

Why the Steam Sauna Pro is better than other units:

No steam vents - Some steam saunas using numerous vents can easily burn the user when the user makes the slightest move. These steam vents can also easily get clogged with debris causing malfunction and steam pressure build-up. Our unit uses a USA manufactured steam boiler that vents under the seat. This makes for easy heater clean up, easy water fill-up and simple maintenance.

Single Solid Door Construction - Our unit uses 1 solid single door with high quality stainless steel hinges. Unlike double doors that tend to sag, our door is 4 times stronger and will not warp like double doors do over time.

Maintenance Free Manual Controls - Heat and moisture shorten the life of the digital timer and digital thermostat other steam saunas use. Simple to use, just turn the dials, and no remote to break or lose. Both timer and thermostat are quality made in USA and UL approved.

Simple Maintenance Free Design - The Steam Sauna Pro uses the minimum amount of parts necessary. This ensures a long life with little or no maintenance.

Adjustable Cushioned Seat - The Steam Sauna Pro comes standard with a waterproof, cushioned adjustable seat. No more sore buttocks like you get from other steam saunas with hard seats.

Easy to move and clean - The Steam Sauna Pro is easy to move from room to room and also easy to transport with super strong construction and bottom rear wheels.

Low EMF output - The Steam Sauna Pro produces very low EMF. There are no digital LCD readouts. (LCD emits high EMF) on this Steam Sauna.

Long Life - The Steam Sauna Pro will give you years of durable, high quality use. This sauna have been manufactured since the late 1970's. Our track record proves this is the highest quality Steam Sauna made in the World. You can expect up to 50 years of use or longer.

A Great Investment

The benefits of owning a steam sauna are plentiful. This steam sauna is easy to clean which makes it easy for multiple person use. You can allow friends and family to use your steam sauna and share the benefits. A short steam sauna session in the evening can help you unwind from a tough work day or you can use it as part of your fitness routine. Having a steam sauna at home saves money you'd otherwise spend on a gym or steam center and you won't have to leave your house. The Steam Sauna Pro is portable so you can move it anywhere you want it.

Features and Specifications:

  • Enhance all body services with steam pretreatment
  • Cost-efficient, pennies a day to operate
  • Safe, easy to use and requires little maintenance
  • Increase value and profit with the addition of our Water Soluble Aromatherapy Oils
  • Durable hard-shell fiberglass and an adjustable contoured fiberglass seat.
  • Plugs into a regular outlet.
  • Built-in wheels, overlapping door.
  • By far the easiest and quickest way to add steam!
  • Ozone ready cabinet includes ozone connector and ozone resistant seat.
  • Free shipping via freight in continental USA. Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and Overseas orders will require additional shipping costs.
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Dimensions: 27.5" W x 48" H x 38" D
  • Floor space: 2' x 3'
  • Timer: 60 minutes
  • Temperature settings: 10
  • Warranty: Five years (We carry all parts at our location)
  • Power used: 120 volts, 10.8 Amps, UL approved components
  • 220 volt available for countries requiring this voltage at no extra charge.

Download Manual | Printable Info Sheet

Benefits of Steam Therapy / Home

Ozone Compatible
For those interested in combining steam and ozone therapy, the Steam Sauna Pro can come fully ozone compatible.

Visit our Ozone Therapy page for more information.

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